You might be wondering “what the hell do the two of them do all day?”   Well wonder no longer…below you will find a list of the changes we have made to the boat.

  1. new lifelines
  2. new cockpit cushions
  3. installed a shelf for the coffee pot
  4. installed a hanging basket below the microwave
  5. removed spice holder
  6. installed new Garmin GPS/chartplotter and radar
  7. removed wooden organizer above navigation table
  8. installed 3 new fans
  9. removed plastic “glasses” holders from near the companionway
  10. built fishing rod holders
  11. 4 pictures hung on the wall
  12. hung mirror in forward head
  13. installed magnetic knife holder next to coffee pot (not used for knives)
  14. installed fiddle across the top of plates and bowls so they don’t fall out when underway
  15. modified a 2 inch memory foam topper for our bed (we now sleep through the night)
  16. installed a water filter and faucet
  17. hung a swinging fruit basket
  18. cleaned almost every inch of the boat (inside and out)
  19. replaced velcro that holds the salon cushions to the wall
  20. fixed broken hinges on our bed (and yes they were broken before we bought the boat!)
  21. cut off the wooden fiddle that was cutting into Natalie’s back during the night
  22. sectioned off the storage area under the single berth in the aft cabin from the steering mechanism
  23. removed cracked wood from in the cockpit and replaced with teak
  24. washed all running rigging
  25. removed the old Raytheon radar
  26. installed cockpit table
  27. made hanging mason jar candle holders for the cockpit
  28. cleaned out the water tanks
  29. removed all the wire nuts
  30. secured the raw water strainer
  31. installed led lighting in the galley
  32. had the bottom painted
  33. had the zincs replaced
  34. began removing the ugly brown nonskid from the decks
  35. had the carburetor and water pump replaced on the dinghy
  36. washed the bottom of the dinghy
  37. cleaned the fenders
  38. bought and mounted an EPRIB
  39. bought and mounted a gas grill on the aft rail
  40. installed a bracket to hold the life ring given to us at our wedding
  41. installed a paper towel holder
  42. screwed the knife block into a cabinet (so they are secure)
  43. replaced battery in the stove
  44. installed extra hanger rods in each closet
  45. installed an anchor swivel
  46. had the Navman instruments repaired (depth and speed)
  47. washed and rehung the curtains
  48. new dock lines
  49. purchased a sea anchor
  50. made a hanging shelf for the computer in the aft cabin (so we can watch movies)
  51. new anchor
  52. new floating line for the life ring and life horseshoe
  53. new drogue (for use during storms)
  54. installed new autopilot
  55. purchased an offshore medical kit
  56. new 10 inch memory foam bed and reconfigured the aft cabin
  57. installed dinghy davits
  58. new anchor and navigation lights for the dinghy
  59. made a snap on pouch for the dingy
  60. washdown pump installed
  61. LED lights in most used spots
  62. new windlass
  63. 300 feet of G40 chain
  64. anchor roller rebedded
  65. four 100 watt solar panels- velcro sewn onto bimini to hold them
  66. new kitchen window (others to follow)
  67. engine maintenance
  68. water tanks cleaned out again
  69. unstuck 2 frozen seacocks
  70. NMEA network installed
  71. strong point mounted at helm (to clip into with our tethers)
  72. 2 new halyards
  73. new storm jib
  74. purchased more new dock lines, fenders and anchor rode
  75. new handheld VHF/GPS
  76. purchased all of the needed electronic charts for our chartplotter
  77. jerry cans for water, diesel and gas
  78. scraped and sanded 1/3 of the deck
  79. ordered and hung an American flag off the stern rail
  80. bought a quarentine flag and a few country flags that we will need right away
  81. high water alarms installed
  82. cleaned out and reinstalled both head vents
  83. clean mainsail strong track
  84. stained and polyurethaned 8 wood pieces on the boat
  85. (updated on 11/8/13- after leaving NJ)

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