Our Sailboat

On July 12, 2013 we became the proud owners of Sea Major.


Sea Major is a 39 foot Westerly Sealord sailboat.  She was born in England in 1984.  We plan on keeping her name the same seeing that we would be offended if someone wanted to change our names when we were 29 years old.  That and it cost a good deal of money and time to change a boat’s name.

When we purchased Sea Major, we knew that she was a very solid and safe boat.  She was built under Lloyd’s Register of Shipping which is a badge of honor in the shipbuilding world.  It assures that high standards were met when Sea Major was being built.


Sea Major is a center cockpit sailboat.  This allows for a large aft cabin (our bedroom) with a separate head (bathroom) in the back of the boat.  Our berth (bed) is the same size as a queen bed at the top and tapers in at our feet.  Next to our bed is another berth that can sleep one person.  In addition to a closet, our cabin has a ton of storage for clothes and our camping gear.  Walking forward, you pass through a hallway (under the cockpit) that houses 2 berths (bunk beds).  At the end of the hallway and around the corner, you run into the companionway (front door/stairs). Next to the companionway, on the port (left) side, is a navigation table and seat.  This has a good deal of the electronics that will help us navigate and stay safe.  Opposite the nav table is the galley (kitchen).  It is shaped like an U and includes a double basin sink (which is a step up from our apartment), a 2 burner stove and oven, a microwave, a refrigerator/freezer and more counter space than our apartment in the Short North.  The galley also has storage for plates, bowls, cups and other goodies (in the 2 cabinets).  Past the galley lies the salon (family room).  The salon has two ‘couches’ which convert to sea berths when we are under way (sailing/motoring).  In the middle of the salon is a table that collapses and provides storage for our adult beverages!  Behind, above and below the couches are a ton of storage areas for books, food, super cool tupperware containers, blankets, etc.  Moving forward past the salon are 2 closets (Mitchell got the larger one) on the starboard (right) side.  Directly across from the closets lives the forward head (bathroom).  At the very front of the boat there is a vee berth.  This can be closed off and functions as another bedroom that sleeps two.

Located through the companionway is a very roomy cockpit in which even Mitchell can lay. Towards the back of the cockpit is the steering wheel and more navigation equipment.  The cockpit is completely covered by a dodger (like a windshield) and bimini (for shade).   The wide decks are very easy to walk around on and have lots of good handholds.  They are currently covered by ugly brown nonskid pads… but not for long.  We plan to pull them (painstakingly) up and recover them with a more attractive nonskid surface.  Around the perimeter of the deck, Sea Major has lifelines with 2 entrances (gates).  In the back, there is a built in swim ladder.

Sea Major is considered a sloop.  This means that she has a mainsail and a headsail.  Sea Major also came with a dinghy and 4 hp outboard motor.  This is what we will use to get ashore when we are anchored out.

IMG_4571 Center Cockpit

IMG_4618 Aft Cabin (our bedroom)

IMG_4594 Hallway/Two More Berths (bunk beds)

IMG_4588 The Galley

IMG_4591 Navigation Table

IMG_4595 Salon (the table opens up)

IMG_4603 The Head (toilet and shower)

IMG_4609 Vee Berth


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