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Oh The Places We Went…

As most of you know, Mitchell and I have had yet another big change in our lives since I last wrote.  Mitchell was offered an Engineering position at IBM in Hopewell Junction, NY.  Immediately after accepting the offer, we headed to New York in hopes of finding a place to live.  As we toured apartment after apartment, the realtors commented about how they knew that the spaces were quite small.  However, we found them all to have MUCH more square footage than the boat or our last apartment in downtown Columbus!

We quickly settled on an affordable (for NY standards) two-bedroom apartment in the cute little Village of Fishkill.  The apartment is located right off of Main Street so the baby and I will be able to stroll around town during the afternoons!

IMG_0804 (2)

Our final days in Columbus were spent saying goodbyes to family and friends.  My mom and sister even set aside a whole evening to help me make some things for the baby.   Once finished, we had a beautiful spread of hooded bath towels, burp cloths and pacifier holders.  Soooooo much fun- thanks Mom and Megan!


Soon afterwards, Mitchell packed up the moving truck all by himself and headed out to NY.  After stopping to pick up stuff from 4 different places in Columbus, he proceed to grab the majority of our belongings (that is- the stuff that we didn’t sell before buying the boat) at my dad’s lakehouse in Vermilion, OH.  Then, well rested after a night spent at his mom’s house in PA, Mitchell finished the 9 hour drive to NY and unloaded the truck.  Many, many thanks to him for doing the dreaded moving truck drive and heavy lifting without my help.  Words cannot express how much I appreciate his willingness to make the move prior to me joining him in NY.

While Mitchell was busy wheeling boxes in and out of our new apartment, I was showered in love and more baby gifts back in Columbus.  My mom and sister threw us a beautiful baby shower before I headed to New York.  Everything turned out so nicely and my mom’s house looked great with all the baby AND Christmas decorations!  Thank you- from the bottom of my heart- to everyone who helped with the shower, made the trip to Columbus and sent/brought a present for the baby.  Once again, I was overwhelmed by the generosity of family and friends.

DSCN0894 (2)

DSCN0896 (2)

2014120695154039 (2)

DSCN0900 (2)

My dad graciously agreed to help me drive out to NY so I didn’t have to make the 9 hour trip alone.  On the way out of town, I made one last stop at my cousin Jan’s house.  She has been cat-sitting for our pretty little striped “daughter” for over a year now.  Muna was a little traumatized at first, but quickly adjusted to her new home and seems to remember her parents!  She is also a BIG fan of all the squirrels that come right up to the back porch to look at her through the glass door.


After making it to Fishkill without going into labor (at 34 weeks) or getting stranded in the looming snow storm that was headed straight for us, my dad helped me with some of the unpacking (when I wasn’t pacing back and forth wondering what I’d gotten myself into).  The apartment, baby’s room and Christmas decorations quickly got put together in hopes of getting settled in before the big day.

IMG_0875 (2)

IMG_0882 (2)

IMG_0950 (2)

Our “tree” last year…

021 (2)

In the midst of the move and Mitchell starting his new job, we also somehow managed to close on the boat.  A man from Florida decided to purchase Sea Major and we ‘handed her over’ on Mitchell’s birthday.  It was very bittersweet, but we feel that she is in good hands.  She took good care of us for over a year and we will never forget all the places she let us visit.  Mitchell and I will miss you Sea Major!

IMG_4831 (3)

And now for our next adventure …


We are 36 weeks today and are very grateful that this little one has agreed to wait until at least this long to make his/her entrance into the world.  The suitcase is packed and the baby room is more-or-less ready to welcome Baby Rutkowski on January 21st (or sooner).

Happy Holidays to you all.  Stay tuned for one last blog post once the baby arrives!