Fall Happenings

Mitchell and I have been enjoying catching up with family and friends these past few months.  We have also appreciated the cool weather and beautiful colors that autumn in Ohio brings!

A few weeks ago, our friend, Sonja, invited us to Greenville, OH for her father’s barn raising.  It was quite an event with about 20 people helping out.


While Roger’s friends were doing the heavy lifting…


Mitchell was busy making the cooking device to hold the pot of stew over the fire!


During our mid-day break, Mitchell got to do a little jumping on the trampoline at Sonja’s friend’s house.


Since I didn’t get to take advantage of the trampoline, I did a little jumping of my own on Elizabeth’s (Sonja’s sister) childhood bed!


Once back on the farm, Sonja let us cut and take home a gourd that they grew.


It fit in perfectly with the pumpkin and fireplace at Aunt Annette and Uncle Tony’s house where we are staying!


After a long Saturday of barn raising, we took a trip to Bear’s Mill with Sonja the following day. The mill was built in 1849 and is one of the only water powered mills in Ohio that is still operating.  “Grain is still ground into flour and meals today, using the same cool grind practices as old world millers.”  (link)



A big “thank you” to Sonja, Roger and Loretta for hosting us for the weekend.  We really enjoyed our time in Greenville!

Back in Columbus, we have been spending as much time outdoors as possible.  A few weekends ago, we did some fishing at Antrim Lake. (Well- I spent most of the time trying to untangle my line and lure.)


Mitchell landed a few fish for his Uncle Perry and Grandpa Geno!


In the rest of our spare time …

Mitchell has been figuring out how to get the ring off the pole.  My Uncle Tony would be so proud of him!!

IMG_0557 (2)

I have been painting with high school friends.

IMG_0512 (2)

Mitchell has been making me PBJ sandwiches to take for lunch when I’m subbing.


My baby bump has been growing.  We will be 30 weeks this Wednesday!

IMG_0711 (2)

We have been enjoying a walk every evening.  Today’s walk around Antrim Lake ended with a beautiful sunset!

IMG_5768 (2)

And this past weekend my sister and stepmother hosted a baby shower for us.  The generosity of our family and friends left us truly speechless.  We feel so very luck to have such wonderful people in our life!   A huge thank you to all who helped make food, decorate, plan games and clean up.  Everything turned out perfect!!!