Look Who It Is

Do you recognize the bow of the boat in this magazine picture?


It’s good ol’ Sea Major back when she transited the Dismal Swamp last fall!  BoatU.S. Magazine contacted me a while ago and asked permission to use my photo in an article they were writing about the ICW for their October issue (online version).  I happily told them yes; wondering what it would look like in the end.  Never did I imagine that it would be a full two-page spread with my name printed in the crack!!  Holy cow!


When looking closely at the photo, you might have noticed that Sea Major still had the ugly TreadMaster on her decks (how embarrassing!).  In the end, we were able to painstakingly remove all the Treadmaster and sand the decks, but we ran out of time to repaint the decks and apply the new non-skid.  So unfortunately, Sea Major had to be put up on the market looking a little less than perfect!






welcome center


A Few Updates

All is still well with us in Columbus!  Mitchell continues the job search on a daily basis while I have been growing our baby and applying to substitute teach.  For the past two weeks, we have been staying at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s house in Worthington (a suburb of Columbus).  My cousin is letting us stay here temporarily while we continue to apply and interview for jobs.  In exchange, I am helping her clean and pack up the house in preparation for her to put it up on the market.

I have signed up to start subbing in some of the districts around Columbus until we know where we will end up.  Mitchell has been diligently applying to jobs in Columbus, the Midwest and along the East Coast in hopes of staying somewhat close to family and friends.  In preparation for some upcoming interviews, we even got to do some suit shopping for Mitch.


One week ago, we went in for our 20 week ultrasound.  Baby Rutkowski is doing very well and is making nice progress!  We chose not to find out the gender of our little one; wanting instead to be surprised on the big day.


I have been feeling much better since the start of the second trimester, but no longer fit into my normal clothes!  Here is a picture for all those out of town folks who have requested a photo of my baby bump.

baby bump

If you are noticing that I’ve put on a few pounds, you can blame my husband for that!  He continues to make delicious dinners for the three of us.  Mitchell is enjoying cooking in a large kitchen again and has been experimenting with Aunt Annette’s cookbooks on occasion.  I, on the other hand, am thoroughly enjoying the dishwasher after having gone without for 3 years now!

cream puff

That’s about all for now.  We will continue to keep you updated on our whereabouts and the baby.  Thank you for all your well-wishes and encouragement in the meantime!