Leaving Vero with a worse crew than last time…

[Written by: Doctor Captain Mitch]

Yeah… these guys… Andrew (left) and Dan (middle).


Ok, new rule – never leave on a 5 day off-shore trip with a Brit and South African during the World Cup.  The boys showed up on Saturday, and we got the head sail back up and the dinghy in the davits.


We waited for the lightning storms to subside and left Vero Beach on Sunday at 2 pm heading south for Fort Pierce Inlet.


We didn’t get out of the inlet until 4:30 pm and sailed in a very narrow strip between two terrible lightning storms until early morning.


We got to see a lot of dolphins on our way north.32

But Andrew hates dolphins and every time we saw some would throw his hands in the air and complain how lazy they were.


Worn out from 3 nights on the boat, the boys decided to make a pit stop at Charleston, SC.  After being thoroughly impressed with my docking skills, we headed to the bar where most of us had American beers (sort of) and the boys were so enamored with the bar maid they nearly gave her a 150% tip.


We played some pool.


And eventually found our way back to the boat.


The next leg of the trip took us out at Charleston and we motor-sailed the next leg to Beaufort, NC on a glassy ocean.  The water was calm enough that we even caught some fish.


That night we enjoyed our tuna and mahi in the cockpit.


Many thanks to Andrew and Dan!  I would just like them to know that it has been three weeks and I have not crashed into one dock since that time in New Bern!


Campervan Confessions

You might have notice that Mitchell and I have been avoiding posting like it was the plague. Well- you are correct! We have been laying low for the past 3 months for good reason. As it turns out, we ended up bring home a little ‘souvenir’ with us from New Zealand and have spent the last few months incubating it until we were ready to share our news!

Presenting …. Baby Kendrach-Rutkowski … due January 21st

In the meantime, Mitchell has been applying for jobs all over the United States in hopes that we won’t have to live in my sister’s basement forever. Once he finds a position, I will be able to apply for teaching jobs in that area.

If all of that happens to take place in the very near future, and we somehow end up living on the east coast, we will be able to keep good old Sea Major. But knowing that probably won’t be the case, last week Mitchell and two friends moved the boat from Vero Beach, FL to New Bern, NC. Mitch then flew to Columbus to accompany me to our first ultrasound appointment.

This Thursday, Mitchell, his mom and I are flying back to NC to move the boat up to Annapolis, MD. Once we make Mitchell’s mom paint the decks and scrub Sea Major from top to bottom (while we drink lemonade in the dinghy) we will reluctantly put her (Sea Major– not Mitchell’s mom) up on the market.

In hopes that you will forgive us for our lack of updates, here are a few pictures from the past 3 months!

A recap of Mitchell’s last few days in New Zealand without me (since I flew home early b/c of morning all-day sickness).

After ditching the anchors at the airport and finding myself all alone on the North Island, I decided to make the best of it and backtrack the 200 miles to hike the Tongariro Northern Circuit (another one of the NZ Great Walks).  I had great weather and was even able to hike to the summit of Mount Doom to dispose of a certain golden ring I found in a cave at Hatchet Bay. (https://svseamajor.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/hatchet-bay/)

Mt. Doom (in Lord of the Rings)


It was the most changeling of the 7 Great Walks



Back on the boat …
3 days/2 nights at sea – followed by 2 nights of girly drinks in Charleston, SC to ease the memories of the numerous storms we (Mitch, Dan and Andrew) encountered – then another 2 days/1 night at sea  [more details and pictures to follow- on another blog post].

We took the niece and nephew hiking once back in Columbus…

Eli loved holding the frog we found. Annie was not impressed enough to touch it!

eli.annie.frog (2)

It’s About Time…

So sorry for the lack of updates!  I am still in Ohio visiting with friends and family.  It has been wonderful catching up with everyone and spending some much-needed time with my nieces and nephew.

The whole family (Mom, Tim, Dad, Cindi, Megan, Erik, Eli, Annie, and Leah) showed up at the airport to welcome me home after being gone for almost a year!

airport 2

Since then, we have been strawberry picking …


eating ice cream…

annie ice cream

learning to ride new bikes…

annie bike eli bike

watching t-ball games….

t ball

and hanging out with Aunt Nat.

leah lobster

While I’ve been having tons of fun back in C-bus, Mitchell has been sweating his ___ off in Vero Beach on good ol’ Sea Major.   He has diligently been checking off boat projects and applying to jobs (now that it’s time to return to reality).    Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to add of these exciting endeavors, but maybe Mitchell will surprise us with a blog post from FL.