Changing Course

After arriving in the Dominican Republic, we realized that the dangers of dysentery, extreme heat, and dehydration that plagued early expeditions to the New World are still very much a threat today.  That said, the thought of spending an entire summer in the heat of the tropics, waiting for the next South Pacific cruising season, makes me want to cry.  So at this point, we can either press on south to Trinidad or head for cooler climates in the north.  After extensive deliberation with the crew, we have decided to head north, maybe back to Maine.  If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the tropics — right?!   

A fellow traveler once said “… it occurred to me that sometimes the best adventures require quashing the plans you’ve made and creating new ones.” (Turf to Surf 

When Mitchell and I embarked upon this journey back in July, we had originally planned on spending 2 years on the boat; making our way to the South Pacific.  We have had an amazing first year; full of adventures, people and places that will forever be remembered.  But due to a few events (some in our control and some not), we got too far behind schedule to sail to the South Pacific.  Therefore, with a sizable portion of the budget left, we have decided to take a short cut. 🙂  After making a U-turn in the Dominican Republic and sailing back to the United States, Mitchell and I planning on temporarily “abandoning ship” to fly to New Zealand.  [It’s a good thing we have our winter clothes onboard!]  

Thanks for joining us on our travels thus far!  We hope you enjoy the remainder of the journey back to the United States and our upcoming land adventures in New Zealand. Cheers!  


19 thoughts on “Changing Course

  1. Good for you! Go with the flow and adventure on where it is meant to be! Keep us posted if you head north where we will be and let us know when you jump ship and fly to New Zeland.

    • Thanks guys! Will definitely keep you posted. We would LOVE to run into you again …. ravioli anyone?!! Where are you guys currently located! Send me an email and give me some updates!

  2. What??? I admire you for being flexible enough to change plans! So where the heck are ya? We are heading to Long Island in a few days, then to Cat, Eluthra, Abacos, etc. Still don’t know what our plans are for summer, maybe buddy boating to Maine 😉 Will you leave Sea Major in Maine and then fly? I’m wondering about your timing… Love the prospect of seeing you again and am proud of you for being flexible.

    • Can’t wait to see you guys too. I’ll send you an email with our plan. Where are you going to be in Long Island? Maybe we can meet you there.

  3. We are glad u are happy with your decision. You know the only sure thing in life is change and it will still be a wonderful adventure. Love Dad and Cindi

      • Hey Guys! Looks like you’ve been having a blast! I’m jealous. Was excited to hear that you will be in NZ in May! My brother and I will be there from April 28th until May 11th to visit my sister and check the place out. We should meet up if our schedules overlap.

      • No way. That’s fantastic! Where will you be? North or South Island? More details please! We would love to meet up with you guys. 🙂

  4. Go where the win takes you. 🙂 I admire the free spirit, the go with the flow and the acceptance of change. Have fun and be safe. You know….you could always get back to BWE. You will be the only teacher Gracie will not have that Gregory had. Just kidding….be free. Love and hugs.

  5. So jealous of all of your fun traveling! Good luck with the rest of your adventures. How exciting! 🙂 Miss you so much!

    • Thanks! I sure do miss you too. I hope all is well at school and with the boys. You still owe me a picture of them! 🙂

    • Not exactly. We think we will be to FL by the end of April, leave the boat there, fly to NZ for the month of May, go to a friend’s wedding at the end of June (in FL) since the boat will be there …. then head north until Mitchell (and I) find jobs! Either way- we will come home at some point to visit. Miss you guys a ton. 🙂

  6. WHAT?! We spend a few days offline and what do we come back to?! ABANDONING SHIP?! NEW ZEALAND?! LOL Hank wants to know if he gets to hang out on the boat this summer up here…at the dock? Will you guys call me PLEASE so we can discuss this?

    • 🙂 You crack me up! We will definitely give you a call. We just got to the Bahamas and have WiFi. We will buy a phone card and call you asap! Miss you guys a ton. 🙂

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